Magicsmith Series


The war isn't over...
Alex Blackwood is a metalsmith who wants nothing more than to make her art in peace, until her friend is tortured and killed and the couch-crashing fairy who shows up to investigate reveals she's not as human as she thought.
Alex's first reaction is to ignore the crazy claims of the stranger on her doorstep and leave world-saving to the professionals. But, if the stranger is to be believed, Alex's dormant powers may be the only way to stop a killer whose crimes threaten the recently established peace between the humans and fae. As magic bleeds into her mundane life, Alex must let go of her preconceptions about the world and her place in it to find her friend's murderer before another body drops.


Deeper into the shadows...
When her boyfriend is accused of murder, half-blood fae Alex Blackwood will do anything she can to help clear his name. But, the deeper she digs, the more secrets she finds, and the less sure she is about his innocence.
Her relationships, both past and present, pull her into the middle of a paranatural war for territory that has her dodging questions from the police as well as the swords, claws and teeth of some rather unsavory creatures.


New world. New Rules.
Alex has been summoned to the Realm of Enchantment.

With less than a day before her debut at fae court, Alex's life falls spectacularly to pieces. Her job is hanging by a fraying thread. There’s a new vampire master in town. And several of her werewolf friends have been captured by the Paranatural Task Force.
Alex will do what she can, but the Lord of Enchantment is not someone you keep waiting—even when he happens to be your grandfather. Assuming she can solve all her mortal problems, she's still got a court full of fae to face. Will a month of etiquette lessons and a silver sword be enough to keep her alive?


Children are disappearing.
With Purity growing in political power and bigotry on the rise across the Realms, Alex’s short-term goals are to stay under the PTF's radar and as far from the fae Courts as she can. But her plans go up in smoke when May, the younger sister of her good friend Emma, goes missing.

The fae are involved.
Alex will do everything she can to find May, but to mount a rescue she'll have to avoid PTF raids, conquer old ghosts, and risk coming face to face with her fae grandfather again.

War is coming.
Lines are being drawn. No one is safe. To survive, Alex will have to choose a side.

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Part fae, part human, all magic . . .
Now it’s time to choose a side.

When the Unified Church in Rome is destroyed by rogue sorcerers, tensions explode. Alex Blackwood will do whatever it takes to prevent a war between the humans, fae, and Earth paranaturals—even turn herself over to the PTF. But when a man she thought long dead walks back into her life at the head of a sorcerer army, surrender is no longer an option.

With all the world watching, and half hoping she fails, Alex and her friends scramble to find a peace that won’t cost them everything.

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Everything Alex has struggled to create is about to come unraveled . . .

Nothing has gone to plan since she joined the PTF. Now mysterious “natural” disasters are happening all over the world, and all signs point to a fae attack. But by whom? And why now?

In the midst of this chaos, she faces Purity protesters, coworkers looking to undermine her every decision, and werewolves who can't stop snapping at each other long enough to prove they're safe to work with.

Now is not the time to abandon her fledgling alliance for an off-the-books mission, but if she doesn’t . . . the fragile peace between the Realms may shatter.

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Lies and Illusion

Diplomacy has never been Alex’s strong suit . . .

When the vampire council puts Alex and James on trial for exposing the species’ existence to the world, Alex's freedom and James's life hang in the balance, though Alex suspects James’s new daywalking ability is the real aim of their inquisition.

Any hope of talking their way out of hot water evaporates when one of the council members is found murdered . . . with James standing over the smoldering corpse. With every vampire looking to claim Alex’s power for themselves, she will have to team up with an unlikely ally, push her magic to its limits, and match wits against a powerful new foe if she hopes to come out unscathed.

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