Faerie Forged

Book 3 in the MAGICSMITH series
Current Status:
 UNDER CONTRACT with Bell Bridge
 Represented by Belcastro Agency

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Teaser: Alex has been summoned to the Realm of Enchantment.

With two days left to tie up loose ends before her faerie land debut, Alex learns that three werewolves have been taken in for testing by the PTF and the pack wants her help getting them out before their secret is exposed.

Alex will do what she can, but the wolves aren't the only ones with problems. Her fledgling relationship with James hits a rocky patch when the new Master of Denver turns out to be a beautiful woman with a connection to James's past; her human friends are pressing for the truth behind Alex's recent behavior; and O'Connell is getting more aggressive in his quest to expose Alex's secrets.

Even if she manages to solve all her mortal problems, she's still got a court full of fae to face, half of which want her dead. Will a month of etiquette lessons and a silver sword be enough to keep her alive?