The Magicsmith Series

The Magicsmith is a bestselling, multi-award-winning, contemporary fantasy series.

The series takes place in a world that could be ours — you could find most of the locations on any modern map — but magic and magical beings are real. The story kicks off about ten years after the Faerie Wars — a global conflict between humans and fae that occurred after the fae made their existence known in an effort to prevent human overpopulation and expansion from corrupting the wild places where fae portals connect their realms to ours. Alex Blackwood lost her father in that war, and her mother shortly after. Now she's a metalsmith and part-time bookstore clerk who lives in a secluded cabin in the Rocky Mountains, occasionally sells her sculptures in an art gallery in Boulder, Colorado, and does her best to avoid all things magical. When one of her college friends is murdered for a magic artifact he'd been hiding, Alex discovers that she's one of the magical beings her father fought so hard to destroy.

As the world threatens to plunge into another all-out war between magical and non-magical beings, Alex finds herself trapped in the middle, torn between opposing groups. Each book in the series has its own crisis to overcome, its own antagonist to face, but throughout them all Alex finds herself in the role of peacekeeper. She struggles to convince those around her to exercise tolerance and acceptance, but in order to do that she'll have to reconcile the conflicting sides of her own existence.

Recommended age: 16+
Heat level: Occasional non-graphic sex scenes.
Language: A few scattered swear words.
Possible trigger warnings:
  • Book2- mental/physical coercion
  • The Rifter Series

    A new urban fantasy series set in the same universe as The Magicsmith.

    When Mira Fuentes was eleven years old she lost control of the magic she didn't even know she had. A demon took that opportunity to step in and turn her mom's abusive boyfriend to ash, but now Mira's stuck with a voice inside her head that occasionally takes over her body as well. She's a rifter, a magic-practitioner possessed by a demon. People like that usually self-destruct after a few months of wreaking havoc, but after twelve years on the streets, struggling to contain the powers threatening to overwhelm her, she and her demon have found a way to coexist that ensures only bad people get hurt... most of the time.

    Step 1 - Cut all ties to the past and don't form any significant relationships with other humans.
    Step 2 - Hunt down unstable rifters who cause chaos in the mortal realm and absorb their energy to keep her own demon's hunger at bay.
    Step 3 - Never stay in town after dropping a body.
    Step 4 - Avoid the authorities.

    But Mira's carefully observed rules go out the window when a routine hunt leads her to a powerful Rifter with plans for Baltimore. She can't leave without answers, but she quickly finds herself in over her head and at the top of the city's Most Wanted. The only person who might be able to help her out is the one-night stand her demon hooked up with last night. He just happens to be the cop investigating the dead body Mira didn't have time to dispose of. Between the two of them, Mira and her pursuer-slash-partner Ty have enough emotional baggage to choke an ox, but if they can get their shit together they just might be able to prevent the human race from becoming meat puppets for the denizens of the Rift.

    Recommended age: 16+
    Heat level: Occasional non-graphic sex scenes.
    Language: Occasional swear words.
    Possible trigger warnings:
  • Self harm
  • Abuse
  • PTSD
  • Anthologies & Collections

    These are full books composed of a curated collection of shorter works that include at least one of mine.

    Anthologies I've been published in include:
  • Wicked Wishes
  • Far, Far Away
  • Rise