Chaos Song

Book 6 in the MAGICSMITH series
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Everything Alex has struggled to create is about to come unraveled . . .

Nothing has gone to plan since she joined the PTF. Now mysterious “natural” disasters are happening all over the world, and all signs point to a fae attack. But by whom? And why now?

In the midst of this chaos, she faces Purity protesters, coworkers looking to undermine her every decision, and werewolves who can't stop snapping at each other long enough to prove they're safe to work with.

Now is not the time to abandon her fledgling alliance for an off-the-books mission, but if she doesn’t . . . the fragile peace between the Realms may shatter.

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Praise for Chaos Song:
Finalist in the 2023 Imadjinn Awards for Best Urban Fantasy Novel
"Braden is my new "auto-buy" author. I love everything this woman writes. If you like vampires, shifters, fae, and lots of action, pick up this series immediately!" -J.D. Brown, Award-Winning Author of the Ema Marx Series
"Once I started this book, I didn’t want to put it down... If you aren’t reading this great urban fantasy series, you are definitely missing out. Highly recommend." -Penny N, NetGalley Reviewer
"This author's books are always entertaining, in-depth and well written. I enjoyed this epic fantasy to the last. So many different species with different agendas brought to a battlefield most don't expect to survive. The battles and all the challenges Alex faces collide in a remarkable read." -Karen F, NetGalley Reviewer
"This gripping series continues as Alex and her friends attempt to stop a disaster caused by prejudice and fear. The world building is extensive and the characters are multifaceted. The relationship between Alex and James is complex and deep rooted. Readers will be drawn into this adventure and want to continue." -Rebecca G, NetGalley Reviewer
"Chaos Song was everything I hoped for as this gripping series continues!... This is a riveting world filled with amazing characters and a tightly woven plot. I highly recommend it and I find it a must read! Once you start reading you won’t be able to put it down." -Richelle R, Witch-at-Heart Book Reviewer
"This was another great entry in the Magicsmith series... The characters were really well done and I had enjoyed everypart of the journey." -Kathryn M, NetGalley Reviewer
"Engaging, memorable, and compelling in its presentation, this series is a fantastic addition to library collections for young adult and older readers." -Mary, Librarian