Personal Demons

Sequel to the multi-award-winning novel, Demon Riding Shotgun.
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Teaser for Personal Demons: 
Protecting her secret and hunting demons is a matter of survival for possessed-practitioner Mira Fuentes. She's spent years learning to work with the snarky demon housed in her body, and it hasn't always gone smoothly. Nor has her recent partnership with an agent of the Paranatural Task Force. Ty Williams—uncomfortably-attractive and overly-protective—may never fully accept that his partner has a literal inner demon.

But work-life-demon balance is the least of Mira's problems when a figure from her past drags her back to the hometown she's avoided for nearly a decade to investigate a string of potentially-magical disappearances. Someone or something is snatching teens from the local high school.

Emotionally off-balance in a city full of old ghosts and new dangers, Mira will have to confront her past to discover what is hunting the innocent.


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Demon Riding Shotgun

"A fast-paced, engrossing, unexpected and tension filled magical work...A great read for every female lead Urban Fantasy enthusiast."
-The Queen of Swords, NetGalley Reviewer

"Holy Wow!!! I absolutely loved this book!!! I'm dying for more of this world it is incredibly compelling with vivid world-building and fasinating well developed characters!"
-Witch-at-Heart, Amazon Review

Praise for Personal Demons:
"A wild ride from beginning to the end... This is urban fantasy how it should be, and I can’t wait to read more in this interesting world. Highly recommend." -Penny N., NetGalley reviewer
"[Braden] delivers a perfect package. Complete when we read the last words, and assuring a next buy simply through great writing... I'm already in auto-buy mode for this author and dying to pick up The Rifter #3." -The Queen of Swords, NetGalley reviewer
"Such an intricate and enthralling tale. Loved the ending though it did brings tears." -Karen F., NetGalley reviewer
"Wow! Lots of twists and turns, lots of action. This was a story of family, love, and personal redemption. After reading it straight through, I was so intrigued by the characters that I bought the first book in order to read the backstories of Mira and Ty. This book was an absolute winner for me." -Lily C., NetGalley reviewer
"This was a great coming home storyline. I loved that it's all about family, and how loving our relatives overcomes just about everything. How trust is everything. Highly recommend the series." -Helen W., NetGalley reviewer
"This author continues to delight and entertain her readers with well thought out stories that have twists, turns, shocks and even emotion. This is definitely an auto buy author for me now, and if you enjoy urban fantasy that is fast paced then definitely check this author's work." -Marta C., NetGalley reviewer
"The author is adept at creating an immersive environment that caters to all of your senses. The book is witty, spicy, surprising, and charming and I highly recommend it." -Amy Marie, Goodreads reviewer
"Everything this author writes is a slam dunk home run. The books are intense, fast paced, well written and have phenomenal characters. Did I mention the world building! It’s killer and I can’t wait for the next book to come out!" -Witch-at-Heart, Goodreads reviewer
"This is a wonderful blend of hard rocking action and romance... The story was very well written and included plenty of twists and turns to keep things interesting. The characters are also well developed and have a sense of realism to them that makes the story easy to read. I found this one to be a page turner." -NetGalley reviewer