Demon Riding Shotgun

A new first-in-series urban fantasy adventure set in the MAGICSMITH universe.
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Possessed by a demon since she was eleven years old, Mira Fuentes maintains a fragile alliance with the snarky soul who shares her body. Together they hunt down unstable Rifters—demon-controlled humans bent on causing chaos in the mortal realm. But when a routine hunt leads to a powerful Rifter with plans for Baltimore, Mira quickly finds herself in over her head and at the top of the city's Most Wanted.

Recently retired from the PTF after losing his partner, Ty Williams now works for the Baltimore PD and keeps his distance from cases involving magic. But when a person dies of clearly magical causes and the PTF doesn’t have any agents to spare, Ty is the closest thing the department has to an expert. Saddled with a new partner he doesn’t want and a mountain of self-doubt, it's his job to track down a suspect who looks suspiciously like the one-night-stand he brought home from the bar last night.

Mira will have to set her trust issues aside and enlist the help of a man determined to uncover her secrets if she hopes to learn the identity of the demon's host and prevent the human race from becoming meat puppets for the denizens of the Rift.
Praise for Demon Riding Shotgun:

Winner of the 2023 Next Generation Indie Book Award
Paranormal category

Finalist in the 2023 Colorado Book Award
Sci-Fi/Fantasy category

Winner of the 2022 Colorado Authros League Award for Writing Excellence
Fantasy and Paranormal categories
"A delightfully tormented anti-heroine with the mother of all inner conflicts. Braden delivers an expertly paced plot brimming with magic, gale-force fight scenes, and delicious romance. This character will get under the reader’s skin, muscle, and bone." -Hunter J. Skye, author of the award-winning Hell Gate series
"A fast-paced, engrossing, unexpected and tension filled magical work...A great read for every female lead Urban Fantasy enthusiast." -The Queen of Swords, NetGalley Reviewer
"Fast paced and magic filled. So engrossing, I sped right through it. Fantastic thriller with a massive twisty I did not see coming. At. All. I recommend this book to everyone who likes the genre." -Helen W., NetGalley reviewer
"Holy Wow!!! I absolutely loved this book!!! I'm dying for more of this world it is incredibly compelling with vivid world-building and fasinating well developed characters!" - Witch-at-Heart, Amazon Review
"Told in a duology, both characters were nuanced and fascinating with overlapping timelines that added a push to the plot that kept it moving quickly forward. This was a fun but propulsive story. I can't wait for more." -Jess B, NetGalley Librarian
"Think of "Venom" but a girl and a demon and even more attitude and sarcasm - and consuming evil demons and thwarting those wanting to take over the Earth! Hey, plus maybe a little romance just to keep things even more interesting. Loved it and when it ended definitely wanted more!" -NetGalley Reviewer
"I LOVED this book. It’s got fun. It’s got depth. It’s definitely going to stick with me." -Lydia, Goodreads Review
"If you enjoy urban fantasy than I wholeheartedly recommend this author and her work. With characters that leap off the page and unique world building her books are exciting, entertaining and just such fun to read." -Marta Cox, Goodreads Review
"Well-written urban fantasy leaving you wanting more. Highly recommend." -Penny, Goodreads Review
“Demon Riding Shotgun is a one-of-a-kind book that asks a fascinating twofold question: what if demon possession was real, and what if a few unique individuals were able to form a symbiotic relationship with the possessing entity? Our protagonist is one such individual, who has a demon that is truly riding shotgun, giving her enhanced abilities to better defend herself in Braden’s dangerous and well-realized fantasy world. Yet these powers do not come without costs, both physical and mental, which gives this fantastic tale a welcome hint of gritty realism.” -John L. Rak Jr., Next Generation Indie Book Awards Judge