Magicsmith: Character Sketches

I have bios on each and every character in my books. These help me keep track of what a character looks like, how they talk, who they know, special powers they have, etc. Obviously I can't post all of that information here without ruining the stories, but I can share abbreviated dossiers on the characters. My goal is to create a sketch of a character, then post it along with their basic bio. Because I will be making the sketches in my (non-existent) free time, this process could take a while.

P.S. - If you've read my books and would like to submit a picture of what you think a character looks like, I would be happy to include some fan art in these dossiers as well.

Alyssandra "Alex" Katherine Blackwood

AGE: 28
EYE COLOR: Gray-blue

BACKGROUND: Alex's father left when she was 10, then went MIA during the Faerie Wars when she was 13. Her mother was killed in a car accident when Alex was 17, at which point Solomon Adams became her legal guardian. She went to college in Fort Collins, CO, where she became friends with David Nolan, Aiden Daye, and Maggie Hawthorne. She works as an artist specializing in metal sculpture, and shows her work at the Souled Art Gallery in Boulder, Colorado. She lives in the mountains just outside of Nederland, Colorado.

David Nolan

AGE: 29
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown

BACKGROUND: David was a slacker who sat next to Alex in college and pestered her until they became friends. He later introduced her to his roommate, Aiden, and the three of them grew very close. During college, he worked part-time as a night watchman for an office building. After graduating with a business degree, David started his own security company and now has clients all along the Front Range, including the Souled Art Gallery and Magpie Books.

Margaret "Maggie" Beatrice Hawthorne

AGE: 27

BACKGROUND: A total bibliophile and procurer of rare books, Maggie is the owner and manager of Magpie Books. After growing up in England, she moved with her mom to Colorado when she was in high school. She befriended Alex in college, where they were roommates for two years. She believes most of life's problems can be solved by a good cup of tea. She is married to Charles Rohne.

Emma Yamada

AGE: 23
HAIR COLOR: Naturally Brown (rarely that color)
EYE COLOR: Dark Brown

BACKGROUND: Emma works at the cafe in Magpie Books, making delicious coffee creations and selling pastries provided by her mother's bakery. Her father was killed during the Faerie Wars, and her mother, Loni, is very conservative in regards to magic. She has a younger sister named Mae.

Malakai "Kai" Bartelby Kairn

AGE: Looks to be in his mid-twenties
HAIR COLOR: Light Brown
EYE COLOR: Brown when wearing his glamour

BACKGROUND: Kai is a fae knight from the Realm of Enchantment. He's on a mission to stop a killer and retrieve a collection of stolen magic artifacts, and he needs Alex's help to do it.

Sophie Devereaux

AGE: 29

BACKGROUND: Sophie is a painter and illustrator. Though she hasn't hit it big yet, she regularly shows her works in local venues like Magpie Books and has illustrated several picture books. Alex met Sophie at an artist retreat in Winter Park and bonded over their love of landscapes. They often take inspirational hikes together.

James Abernathy

AGE: 32
EYE COLOR: Light Blue

BACKGROUND: James owns the Souled Art Gallery, where Alex shows her work. He's known Alex for about two years, and the two of them have become friends thanks to their many common interests. While James is attractive and kind, he tends to keep people at a distance.

Marcus "Marc" Alexander Howard

AGE: ??
HAIR COLOR: Reddish-brown

BACKGROUND: Alex's neighbor, sort of. His house is about a mile farther up the mountain than hers, but she's never seen it. Marc owns and works at an investment company in Boulder, and is a regular at Magpie Books. He often comes in to drink coffee and read the paper on his break.

Sarah Nazari

AGE: ??

BACKGROUND: A friend of David's. Sarah is a police officer with a strong sense of justice... and a secret to keep.